5 Misconceptions People Have About Professional Home Buyers in Dallas Fort Worth

5 Misconceptions People Have About Professional Home Buyers in Dallas Fort Worth

Having the wrong idea about something can hold you back and can often prevent you from considering all of your options. When it comes to selling your home, which in many cases is one of the largest investments you’ll make, it is important to consider all options available to you as a homeowner.  In this article, we will explore 5 misconceptions people have about professional home buyers.


Swindling unsuspecting homeowners out of hard-earned equity, is not what most home buyers wake up and look forward to every day. Sadly, this is a common misconception people have about professional home buyers in Dallas Fort Worth.  There are some bad companies out there, but we believe the majority of home buyers do the right thing.  We invite you to research our company, as well as anyone else you’re considering doing business with. Yes, we’re a business and we have to make money to stay in business, but our motivation every day is serving people. That is why we stop and take the time to listen to you about your situation and your goals, and spend time working toward an offer that fits your particular situation.   With an understanding of your unique circumstances, we can help you make the right decision.  Even if listing your house with a real estate agent is the better option for you, we will tell you so! 

Clean and Repair

We get excited about renovating properties, increasing their value, and improving the overall living conditions of neighborhoods.  Many home owners believe that they still need to clean and repair the home before they sell it to a professional home buyer. Unless your home is brand-new, most homes need at least a minimum of prep work in order to be listing ready on the traditional real estate market (paint, carpet, cleaning, staging, etc.).  When working with a professional home buyer, there is absolutely no need for you to even worry about wiping down the counters before you leave. In many cases, you can just leave behind any furniture or other unwanted items. With our experience we understand all the risks involved in buying a home as-is, we also understand the relief this can offer to an already strained homeowner.

Closing Date

There is no guaranteed closing date in traditional real estate listings. Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that the same is true of professional home buyers in Dallas Fort Worth. In truth, it is quite the opposite.  One of the major benefits of working with professional buyers is the guarantee of a closing date.  Because we don’t use bank financing, we can close much faster than someone who has to get a loan to buy your house – it can be as quick as 7 days. Depending on the reason for selling, the ability to close so quickly may ward off financial disaster for homeowners with looming foreclosures or other financial or personal strains that may require a faster sale.

Selling Costs

When selling with a realtor, the amount of cash you receive at closing is typically thousands less than the amount listed on the purchase agreement.  Realtor commissions, closing costs, recording fees, and repair amendments all reduce the amount of money that you receive at closing.  When working with us, the amount we offer when you sign the sales agreement is the amount you’ll receive at closing, there won’t be any other costs to you to sell your home. Take the time to discover the truth about the costs deducted from the sales price at closing when selling your home in a more traditional method, either as a for sale by owner listing or with a real estate agent.  

Work With Someone You Can Trust

Dallas' Best Home Buyers is a part of the DFW community and have dedicated our careers to helping Dallas Fort Worth become a better place. We offer extremely fair prices and take the time to fully explain our process.  We sleep well knowing that in reality, our purpose is to help people solve problems while revitalizing homes and giving back to the community.  If you decide to work with us, after you’ve done your homework, and know the truth for yourself, we’d love to help you sleep well at night! Dallas' Best Home Buyers will prove none of the misconceptions people have about professional home buyers in Dallas Fort Worth are true. With our quick process, you can leave all of your worries behind. Find out for yourself by sending our team a message or by giving Dallas' Best Home Buyers a call today at (972) 309-9500!

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